Librem 13 first impressions

2 minute read Published: 2016-03-17


Dull generic but adequate


Shiny, clean and nice.

Built quality

Fairly good


Not what I'm used to but not problematic.

There is a windows key!

I don't like the shortened right shift key to make room for a function modifier. Hopefully I cn remap the function modifier to something more useful.

The function keys work as expected.

Kill switches

They aren't labelled but there are only two so it's not hard to figure out. Screen

Would be perfect for the size however there is a bit of back light bleed on the bottom edge. The bleed is not awful and can only be seen on a blacked screen it's not something that I can't live with our would typically RMA when buying for personal use.


I don't like trackpads, this one is very big, they get in the way of me typing; there is a function key to turn it off. I'll get used to it I guess.


There is some noise from the air leaving the vents between the lid an the main body. it's not very loud nor is it distracting; I only noticed it when in the quietest room in my house. If you have equipped it with a rust platter as I have then that will be your primary noise creator.

Sound and speakers

It works; it plays sound. I'm a bit of an audiophile I'm already invested in an amp/dac and a nice pair of headphones so I don't really care what is built in.


It's an Atheros chip fully supported by the ath9k driver as it stated on the campain page. Those of us who give a dam know what that means.


Well it didn't come with coreboot. I will be installing coreboot myself so I can have a grub payload required for /boot to be encrypted.

Pure OS

Mine shipped with pure os not Qubes. In fact I believe mine shipped with RC2. I didn't like it it didn't seem to have any packages. I installed subgraph rather quickly after first boot.